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July 23 |  7-10 p.m. | Stamford Hilton

The Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut celebrated our area's finest businesses and their spectacular culinary and other creative talents as voted by the readers and editors of all five of Moffly Publications' magazines (Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan-Darien, Stamford and Fairfield Living).

The “Best Of” winners from categories such as food, drink, fashion, jewelry, things to do, and more, came together in one night to showcase their signature products, goods and services that were voted the Best in Fairfield County.

Video: P Garyn Productions

The party attracted more than 1,500 guests and over 100 participating restaurants, retailers and entertainers to the spacious and elegantly adorned Hilton Stamford Grand Ballroom. This year’s event featured a VIP pre-party which started at 6 p.m. VIP ticket holders were offered one hour exclusive early access to all of the event’s sponsors and vendors.

The evening was made possible by this year’s presenting sponsor Stella Artois, Stella Artois Cidre, Gold sponsors Hobbs, Inc., JP McHale and Orvis, Silver sponsor New Country Porsche of Greenwich and Business level sponsors The TNS Group, Exhale Spa, Albe Furs, Pacific Swim Bike Run, Little Barn, The Chelsea, Aetheria Spa, Pray Body Shop, Specs, Joyride, Massage Envy, Split Rock Aesthetics, Orangetheory, The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s and H Salon.

A portion of the proceeds was donated to Kids in Crisis, a non-profit organization based in Cos Cob, CT.

Our attendees voted at the event and the winner for Most Creative Winner Space was Festivities and the Best Dish winner was The Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s. Congratulations!

Lesley Osborn, Nikki Oxfeld, Marni Lane - Jump For Joy - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Matt Storch - Match - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Photo: Bob Capazzo

Jeff Pandolfino, Cal Pandolfino, Stacey McCue, Jennifer Kralovenec - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Courtney Fischer, Alexandria Gilleo - Dream Spa - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Eleni Oldroyb, Maxine Burns, Nikki Glekas - EOS - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Jillian Lucia, Erica Malhotra, Lauren Borchetta - B Chic - Photo: Bob Capazzo


Tatiana Caldron, Shajne Nizzardo, Amanda Eduardo - Underground Fitness - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Rockel D’Arinzo, Kim Sclafani - Color Café - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Karen Jewell, Nicole Iacovetta - Down Under - Photo: Bob Capazzo

John Moshos, Georgea Pasedis, Stella Moshos, George, Elm Street Diner - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Mabel Modrolo, Valerie Grant, Lauren Cardarelli, Desiree Tinsley - Exhale - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Christina DelFino, Danielle Delfino - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Mark Molina, Rebecca Kershaw - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Desiree Tinsley, Sharon Sweeney, Donna Busceni, Marissa Buscemi - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Erica Jensen, Gabriella Mays - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Vespa - Photo: Bob Capazzo

DiMare Pastry - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Mark Bates, Nikki Bates, Nancy Stillerman - Photo: Bob Capazzo


Natalia Babula, Sonia Malloy - Spurlge - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Sharon Damico, John Stefanick, Sandy Kiman - Noelle - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Alex Toombs - FTC - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Moises Mosquera - Becker - Photo: Bob Capazzo

James Barron - Dinosaur BBQ - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Jessica Buscemi, Alexis Warnking, Marissa Buscemi, Jean Galvin, Donna Buscemi – Zen Bronze - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Frank Gaudio, Tom Torelli, Cristin Marandino, Amy Vischio - Photo: Bob Capazzo


Sareen Anand - Elements - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Accidental Breakdown Band - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Shari Shapiro, Alon Marom, Jami Sherwood - KIC - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Clare Blasius, Scott Hobbs, Drew Timson - Hobbs - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Rich Granoff, Greg Silver - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Chris Berzolla Inbike Kularatne - Aux Delice - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Barbara Zaccagnini, Jen Danzi - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Christine Senu, Kamilah Lindo - Photo: Bob Capazzo


Elizabeth Ethridge McGann, Samantha Baczynzki - Lillian August - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Cliff Randall, Abby Baricko, Rebecca Kershaw, Rachel Darden, (back row) Mark Molina, John Andrade - Orange Fitness - Photo: Bob Capazzo

Pacific Swim Bike Run - Photo: Marsin Digital

New Country Porsche of Greenwich - Photo: Marsin Digital

Albe Furs - Photo: Marsin Digital

Forever Sweet Bakery - Photo: Marsin Digital

Chris Gotfredson, Erika Ellis, Chris Cummings - Photo: Marsin Digital


Erika Ellis, Chris Cummings - Photo: Marsin Digital

Matthew Gish, Patrizio Torregiani, Sharon Grant, Todd Bullock - Photo: Marsin Digital

JoAnn Latorraca, Konnie DiDonato, John Molinari - Photo: Marsin Digital

Courtney Fischer, John Licursi - Photo: Marsin Digital

The Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s - Photo: Marsin Digital

SPECS - Photo: Marsin Digital

Stella Artois - Photo: Marsin Digital


Marisa Fearon, Jason Iannacone, Jessica Michelson, Victoria Ruelle, Nicole Beam - Photo: Marsin Digital

Sarah I. Bamford - Photo: Marsin Digital

Jaimee Moxham - Photo: Marsin Digital

Elias Salmoran, Carlo Aleman, Jason Smith, Scott Studwell - Photo: Marsin Digital

Mac, Julia, Griffin and Peter Deane - Photo: Marsin Digital

Joana Vega, Jorge Escobar - Photo: Marsin Digital

Le Penguin - Photo: Marsin Digital

Joe Fryer - Photo: Marsin Digital

Hagen Freihoff, Nora Mansourov - Photo: Marsin Digital


Fjord - Photo: Marsin Digital

Arleigh Salce, Ruth Salce, Lynne Taikowski, Linda Coursen - Photo: Marsin Digital

Justine Olynick, Cim Crouse - Photo: Marsin Digital

Edson Rivas, Anthony Palazzo, Jami Sherwood, Terry Lapolice - Photo: Marsin Digital

Robert Ortner - Photo: Marsin Digital

Photo: Marsin Digital

Stephanie Madeira, Tucker Keating - Photo: Marsin Digital

Matt Hamilton - Photo: Marsin Digital

Meredith Pagano, Theresa Labella - Photo: Marsin Digital

Mirada and David Kachala - Photo: Marsin Digital


Flipside - Photo: Marsin Digital

Jason Smith - Photo: Marsin Digital

Mike Hess, Shawn Prasad, Lesly Fabbri, Chris Seibert - Photo: Marsin Digital

Ira Tamigian, Steven Magnuson - Photo: Marsin Digital

Toula Moisiadis, Maria Franchina, Sara Fiore - Photo: Marsin Digital

Laurinda Finelli, John Coursen - Photo: Marsin Digital

Accidental Breakdown - Photo: Marsin Digital

Cathleen Jowdy, Lisa Topham - Photo: Marsin Digital

Nico Thornberg, Chris Howland - Photo: Marsin Digital

Suzy Sanchez, Molly Cottingham, Paula Winicur - Photo: Marsin Digital

Reznoc - Photo: Marsin Digital

Chris Olson, JoAnn LoGiurato, Juan Chavez, Richard Beladino - Photo: Marsin Digital

EOS - Photo: Marsin Digital

Giuseppe Conte, Ed Waesche - Photo: Marsin Digital

Photo: Marsin Digital

John Moshos, Danielle Pufko, Bill Pufko, Georgea Pasedis - Photo: Marsin Digital

Justin Garcia, Vanessa Medeiros - Photo: Marsin Digital

Suha Buckey - Photo: Marsin Digital

Scott Studwell, Marco Siguenza - Photo: Marsin Digital

Patrizio Torregiani, Tina Pray, Todd Bullock, Joseph Lockridge - Photo: Marsin Digital

Dana Conelias - Photo: Marsin Digital

Lindsay and Matt Branscombe - Photo: Marsin Digital

Jeannette Sucre, Nicole Fischer - Photo: Marsin Digital

Stephanie DeSantis, Alexandria Gilleo / Dream Spa - Photo: Marsin Digital

Amanda Allbee / A Little Something White Bridal Couture - Photo: Marsin Digital



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